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Cannabis 101: Methods of Consumption

Cannabis 101: Methods of Consumption
Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants intended for medical or recreational use. The key psychoactive part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Concentrates are the highly concentrated forms of cannabis, which are made by means of extracting the THC and cannabinoids from the plants.

The extracted material is commonly used in smoking (i.e. hash or kief), dabs, cannabis oils, tinctures, and edibles.

Methods of Consumption


Vaporizing or commonly known as Vaping is a smokeless form of inhalation. It is a handheld electronic device that mimics the sensation of smoking. By heating the cannabis plant or its oil to a high temperature, the trichrome separates from the plant into the vapors. The onset occurs within seconds of inhalation and the effects usually peak within half an hour and lasts a couple of hours.


There are a few ways to smoke cannabis but the most common forms are known as Joints, Blunts, spliffs and piping. The onset of smoking is within seconds of inhalation and the duration generally peaks within half an hour and lasts around 1-3 hours.

Joints (aka Doobie & Jay) are created by physically rolling the cannabis. The cannabis is grinded onto the rolling paper, rolled and then smoked.

Blunts are larger than Joints and are usually rolled with cigar wrap paper. Also pre-rolled blunts have come to fashion, in which you would buy the blunt already rolled. The distinct difference with a Blunt from a Joint is that you get a heavier & more familiar tobacco flavor (from the cigar wrap paper), and that blunts are commonly larger.

Spliffs are a mixture of cannabis and Tobacco rolled together with rolling paper. The main difference with a spliff and a blunt is that a blunt has Tobacco on the outside while spiffs have a cannabis and tobacco combined on the inside.

Pipe usage for cannabis consumption varies from the previous three as there is no paper involved, rather a pipe. It is the adapted method from the traditional pipes used for smoking Tobacco.  The process is simple, the top part of the pipe ( the bowl) is packed with cannabis and it has an air passage that leads to the mouth piece that you inhale and pull in the smoke to ingest.


Cannabis oils are usually taken orally by capsules or edibles but can also be consumed via syringes. Ingestible oils can be seen as a medium between the edibles and concentrates, as they have the same digestion process with the edibles but have the texture of the concentrates oils. Cannabis oils are essentially an extract of marijuana that has a consistency of sticky resin.

Much research is provided on oils deriving from cannabis as it is one of the most used methods for those who are in severe pain and those battling cancer. Research also suggests that certain types of oils are stopping the growth of various skin cancers and tumors.


This method of consuming cannabis comes in practically any edible form you can think of, as it is fundamentally THC-infused food products. There have been edible cannabis candy, pizza, tea, brownies, chocolate, cake and even soda pop. The way in which the cannabis affects you is a little different thought, as the process reaches the cells from the liver as it is ingested. This means that the onset has a larger range (about fifteen minutes to two hours) as it depends mostly on your personal body’s metabolism and how full or empty your stomach is. When the THC is being processed by the liver, a more potent chemical form of THC results that has a duration roughly four to six hours, and high doses have been recorded to even have effect for more than a day.


Probably the newest form of consuming cannabis is dabbing. Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that are processed and result in a sticky oil or wax form. These dabs are usually smoked via a bong. The dabs are then heated (i.e. lighter, blowtorch) on a hot surface (i.e. head of nail) and inhaled through a dab rig. For dabbing, a very small amount is generally used as it has a high THC concentration. The onset is similar to any other inhalation method but the duration is known as prolonging compared to other inhalation methods.

Much research is provided on oils deriving from cannabis as it is one of the most used methods for those who are in severe pain and those battling cancer. Research also suggests that certain types of oils are stopping the growth of various skin cancers and tumors.


With topical application the cannabis is absorbed via the skin, which is a great method for focused therapeutic effects. For instance it has been found very effective in individuals who suffer from Arthritis, inflammation, bone fractures, cramping, migraines and various skin conditions, as this method allows for an application to a localized area. The onset of using topical cannabis infused products ranges from five minutes to two hours lasting up to twelve hours.


Tinctures are another liquid form of cannabis concentrate that is frequently found in a little bottle with a dropper dispenser. This was actually a standard American medical practice in the early 1900s. The method of consumption is placing a few drops under the tongue (sublingually) or mixed with food and drinks. In the former the cannabis is absorbed quickly as it is directed straight into the blood stream whereas the latter is a slower digestion similar to edibles. The duration of consuming cannabis via this method can last for several hours for those infrequent users and a couple of hours for frequent users.